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  • Having a 10 Year Old

    As adults we realize that the age milestones don’t matter as much. You aren’t that different the day after your birthday than the day before it. At ten though, that wasn’t the case, and today my son turns ten. Looking back on his life, I see phases instead of years. The first phase was the…

  • Xavier’s Birthday Cake

    Amber is awesome!

  • Xavier riding to school in a fire truck

  • Xavier went shooting

    Today Cody, Doug, X, and I went shooting. X got to shoot a couple 22s by himself, a 9mil with Cody’s help and a shotgun with Doug’s help. Big day! Anyway, here’s a video of him shooting the 22 his first time:

  • Xavier Reading Daniel and the Lions Den

    At the beginning of the year reading was definitely the one place in school that Xavier struggled. Now he’s obviously getting it! I didn’t think to start recording until part way in, but this is Xavier reading a good chunck of Daniel and the Lions Den from his school reading book.

  • Xavier Reading Green Eggs and Ham

    Xavier has been getting so much better at reading! He’s started to really like to read Dr. Suess books (man after my own heart), mainly because he can now read well enough to make the rhymes sound “like a song”. I took a quick video of him reading part of Green Eggs and Ham. The…

  • Xavier’s Mario Themed Birthday

    Yesterday we had Xavier’s birthday party, and it was a blast. He wanted it to be themed like Super Mario Brothers, and Christen really outdid herself. She had Super Mario Brothers balloons, centerpieces, piƱata, etc. She even did themed food: Thanks to everyone that came! It all turned out great and X had a blast!

  • Xavier’s take on my childhood social life

    We had X’s birthday for his school friends yesterday afternoon, and on the way to school he and I were talking about it. I asked him who all was coming and he named pretty much everyone in his class of 11 kids (as it turns out, one kid couldn’t make it, everyone else was there).…

  • Xavier Fishing – Oklahoma 2010

    Xavier’s not the kind of person that you would think of as a fisherman. He’s clearly not patient enough. So, I think it’s understandable that I had my doubts when he wanted to go fishing. Last time we went fishing out there it took us an hour to get all the together and get up…

  • Xavier Easter Egg Hunting

    Xavier and Phoenix had a blast hunting for eggs this year. They’re both old enough to understand it, and Xavier’s finally big enough where we can start to hide them in more difficult places (which made it fun for me too). Read the rest to see the video!