Xavier’s Mario Themed Birthday

Yesterday we had Xavier’s birthday party, and it was a blast. He wanted it to be themed like Super Mario Brothers, and Christen really outdid herself. She had Super Mario Brothers balloons, centerpieces, piñata, etc. She even did themed food:

Platform Pretzels
The pretzel sticks were "platforms"

Turtle Shell Tangerines
The tangerines were "turtle shells"

Popcorn Clouds
The popcorn was "Clouds"

Super Star Sandwiches
The sandwiches were "Super Stars"

One Up Cake
The cake was a "One Up" on top, and an entire Super Mario Brothers level on the bottom, complete with bricks, question boxes, coins, piranha plants, etc! (Thanks again Amber)

Xavier with a sword, ready for the piñata
We don’t really do anything normal, so while it may have had nothing to do with Super Mario Brothers, we used a wooden sword to take on the piñata

Piñata Fun
The piñata gave up all sorts of goodies for the kids

Trampoline Put To Good Use
The trampoline was put to good use by all the kids (and a few of the adults)

Fun On Xavier's New Toy
Xavier even shared his new toys, which were quite a hit

Thanks to everyone that came! It all turned out great and X had a blast!






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  1. Julie Avatar

    Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Sorry I missed it, but am looking forward to seeing you guys in a week 🙂 Christen is so creative! She always puts on a great party! Love to all of you!

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