Xavier’s take on my childhood social life

XavierWe had X’s birthday for his school friends yesterday afternoon, and on the way to school he and I were talking about it. I asked him who all was coming and he named pretty much everyone in his class of 11 kids (as it turns out, one kid couldn’t make it, everyone else was there). I told him that when I was his age had closer to 30 kids in my classes growing up and still didn’t get as many kids to come to my parties. He asked why, and I said it was probably because I didn’t make friends as easily as him. His response? He made one of the saddest faces I’ve ever seen, the kind that bring tears to your eyes and in this case just ooze pity, and said “oh, that’s sad!” He proceeded to let me know how sorry he was for me, and even offered to give me tips on making friends! I felt like yelling “I’m right here! And I wasn’t a complete loser!”

I suppose everyone (myself included) wants their kids to have it better than they did…but do they have to rub it in?!?






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  1. Julie Avatar

    Aaron –
    This is pretty funny – you made me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚ You had friends. You just aren’t the social butterfly that Xavier is! He took after Auntie Stacie and Uncle Cody! He is so compassionate though. How sweet is that to offer to give you tips to make friends. You guys are doing a great job raising him. It is going to be awesome to see how God uses this compassionate, very intelligent boy ๐Ÿ™‚ Just so you know, you weren’t a loser at all! God has used you and still continues to use you to touch the lives of many people ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, just so you know, it was not the “in” thing to have girls come to your birthday party when you were X’s age and usually all the boys in your class did come to your party! Love You!

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