Blood Clots Again?!? Hopefully not

Christen went to see Dr. Kapur today (even though we see him all the time, he’s still Dr Kapur not Vikram…it’s like your teachers as a kid) because her ankle and calf are still hurting her from when she rolled her ankle on the way into church (Dec 18th). He wasn’t very happy that she waited a month, and he was even less happy that the pain extended all the way into her calf. He immediately got her into a place across the street for them to do an MRI of the ankle and a doppler ultrasound of the calf to look for blood clots. Please pray, last time this happened it was the scariest week in the hospital ever! The worst part is, this is one of her first doctor appointments in the last year where I didn’t go with her! The good thing is, the doctor did listen to her lungs and said they sounded clean (probably no clots there).

I’ll try to keep everyone updated.






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