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  • Experiencing American Airlines as a Person with Mobility Challenges

    Experiencing American Airlines as a Person with Mobility Challenges

    My wife, Christen, doesn't always have to be in a wheelchair, but it's also not uncommon. Between her Fibromyalgia, chronic migraines,  Chronic Epstein Barr, and hypermobility (to name a few), she needs a wheelchair often enough that we own one. Over the last fifteen months she's had to have three surgeries related to the ligament […]

  • Venous Abnormality or Where Have You Been?

    Venous Abnormality or Where Have You Been?

    For the last six months or so, Christen has been suffering from debilitating headaches that have been accompanied by nausea and dizziness. She’s had migraines since she was twelve or so, and at first we just thought they were getting more prevalent. Possibly that her preventative medication was no longer as effective as it used […]

  • YAERV (Yet Another ER Visit)

    For those that don’t know, we ended up in the ER last night again. Not one of our better visits, but certainly not one of our worst. We’re still trying to track down what put Christen in the hospital in September, and we’re seeing a specialist that has done a lot; lots of blood tests, […]

  • Blood Clots Again?!? Hopefully not

    Christen went to see Dr. Kapur today (even though we see him all the time, he’s still Dr Kapur not Vikram…it’s like your teachers as a kid) because her ankle and calf are still hurting her from when she rolled her ankle on the way into church (Dec 18th). He wasn’t very happy that she […]

  • Christen’s GI Followup

    As many of you know, Christen was in the hospital in late September of this year. When she came home she was on a bunch of medications, which seemed to work as she was getting progressively better. The doctors said she wasn’t healing as quickly as they would have expected, but even though she was […]