Thanks from a Sick Wife and a Haggard Husband

Christen has been having a tough time over the last couple weeks. She went to doctor because she thought she had a bladder infection, and it turned out she was right. The doctor (who’s great by the way) prescribed her Levaquin, which as it turns out is a really expensive antibiotic that doesn’t work on Christen. She went back to the doctor after taking all her antibiotic, and found that the infection had spread through her urinary tract and into her kidneys. This is nothing new mind you, she gets these pretty regularly, but the fact that the antibiotic didn’t work made it far worse because it means she’s now been experiencing progressively worse pain for over a week. Combine that with her Fibromyalgia and the pain started to get to be more than she could bear.

On Monday and Tuesday you could see her starting to wind down, running out of what little energy she usually has. When it really got the best of her on Wednesday, she ended up spending two whole days where she never even made it out of our room. Wednesday she never even left the bed, and Thursday wasn’t much better although she did spend a couple minutes in the glider chair that we have next to our bed. Now I’ll be the first to say that there are times when I’m ecstatic when she wants to spend that much time in the bedroom. This wasn’t one of those times.Instead I found myself trying to balance work with taking care of her, taking care of X, keeping up the house, and even making food (or going and getting it, my cooking isn’t very good). In the end, X started to get restless because no one was playing with him, the house looked like the mafia had hit it looking for information that they couldn’t find, and I was pretty low on sleep.

Lucky for me, our small group came to the rescue! Jason and Nikki brought us dinner Friday night, and Christen actually made it out to eat with us. Not only did they bring us food (mild tacos and a salad), but they cleaned up when we were done, took care of the dishes, and even brought a second meal which they put in our fridge for us to enjoy on Saturday! The second meal was a pasta bake, and they even made one side of it with turkey and the other side with sausage because they know that Christen has to watch her cholesterol intake.

Not only did they do all that, they did it without being asked! Jason called me to check on Christen and offered to bring us dinner. He didn’t seem to want to take no for an answer. It’s not that I don’t know how people go through these things without a small group of people that care about them and take care of them. We’d have made it through and been ok. The real question is “Why would you?” Why would you deal with things like this on your own if you don’t have to?

Thanks guys, from the bottom of my heart.





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