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  • Being Understanding in this Digital Age

    Being Understanding in this Digital Age

    This has been an interesting week for me. I’ve worked every day from a hospital room. To try to keep a very long story somewhat short, my grandma was in the ER Sunday, the experience was bad and they dismissed her rather than taking the time to actually figure out the problem. This resulted in…

  • Eragon the Exterminator

    Another great reason to let your lizard roam free sometimes!

  • Remembering Arya

    Well, four years ago tomorrow, I got Arya, my snake (Columbian Red-Tailed Boa) for Christmas. Today, on Christmas Eve of all days, I had to put her down. The short version, is that she’s been going downhill for a few months, and the vet said he thought she had a tumor on her brain, but…

  • Fun With Guns

    Josh and Phoenix are visiting, so we had some Saturday morning fun time and brought out the big guns. We shot my 30 Carbine, my new .223 AR by MAG Tactical (Josh is awesome), and Josh’s .223 AR. We all had a blast. We were too busy having fun to document a lot of it,…

  • Flowers Along Our Front Walkway

    Xavier and Grandma Julie bought us some flowers about a month ago. We planted them along our front walkway up to our house, and now that they’ve bloomed they’re absolutely gorgeous!

  • Fourth Grade: Practical Electrical Class

    Xavier started learning about electricity and magnetism recently in science. Yesterday we learned how electrons flow along wires, what a circuit was, and how series and parallel circuits are wired. Then we made our own! A couple light sockets, a couple bulbs, some wire, a couple nails, a few C batteries, a paperclip, and a…

  • Axe-felled tree

    There’s something really satisfying about falling a tree with an axe. It feels so good!

  • Christmas Lights

    Oklahoma is a weird place. About an hour from where I live, in the middle of nowhere, is this amazing Christmas lights display. You drive down this little tiny two lane highway until you think you’re lost, then you turn down a dark dirt road, then you park in a dirt field in from of…

  • Tent

  • Icicle