Tornadoes Suck

Tornadoes suck, as does nearly everything that goes along with them. Over the last several days we’ve had to worry about several tornado watches/warnings. One had us driving North at midnight to keep us out of it’s path.

The worst part so far though have been the torrential rains over the last few days which have wreaked absolute havoc on the property here. We’ve had to re-tractor the road half a dozen times at least. We’ve unstuck six vehicles (yes, six!). We had so much water flowing over the bridge by the property entrance, that it caused a foot to foot and a half deep, six foot wide chasm that cut across the entrance making it unusable until we got a tractor down there to cut a way through.

We had a small fishing boat that somehow traveled from the big lake, over the spillway, down the waterfall, across the small lake, over the spillway, and got stuck in a tree on it’s way into the canyon.

We also had to patch the dam on the swimming lake because it was eroding where the water was making it over the top. Basically, while no tornado actually hit, all the weather that surrounded them has caused our property to look almost as if it WAS hit by one:

Getting Internet back after the storm
Getting Internet back after the storm

There was a tree that fell near one of the cabins. I have no idea why, but it actually split in two and fell down two sides of the cabin but barely nicked the cabin.






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