Is your mom or dad home?

Just a few minutes ago, I heard a knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I was somewhat annoyed, but I opened the door anyway to find a guy standing there who said he was with DirecTV and DishNetwork customer service. It was misleading at best. Those are competing companies, so there’s no way he was employed by both. He was probably with a 3rd party company that installs and upgrades satellite TV equipment, and he wasn’t off to a great start with me.

He started to give me a mixed pitch for sales or upgrades, looking around the outside of my house the entire time. He was obviously unsure whether I was an existing customer, which annoyed me. I told him I was already with DishNetwork. He then informed me that he was in the neighborhood seeing if people were happy with their service and if they could upgrade anyone’s equipment free of charge. Not a bad pitch, but it was too little too late. However, you haven’t heard the kicker yet. He then looks straight at me and says “So, is your mom or dad home? Someone that I could talk to about your satellite service?”

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