Oklahoma Cold

I’ve never lived somewhere cold. I’ve lived in San Diego and Phoenix, places where you could live year round and not be that inconvenienced if you didn’t own a jacket. Enter Oklahoma.

When we moved here, I said that I wanted a white Christmas. I’ve never had one, and I just figured it’s time. Well, we’re currently in a cold snap (it got below freezing yesterday, and probably won’t go ABOVE freezing for 4-5 more days), and I’m getting snow! They say that it’ll be gone by Christmas, but I’m okay with an early gift.

It started yesterday with some sleet:

Looked like snow, but certainly didn't feel like it.
Looked like snow, but certainly didn’t feel like it.

This morning though, we woke to the real thing, and it was beautiful!

Don’t worry though, we’re keeping warm!

Our heat for our house is this beautiful wood stove!
Our heat for our house is this beautiful wood stove!

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