My Dichotomous Life

My WorkspaceI’m a web developer. I work with technolgies built on technologies in a worldwide arena. I sit on a yoga ball in my office upstairs and can deal with people in several different countries in one day. I make my living staring at screens and typing on a keyboard. I have four screens at my main workstation, a laptop, two tablets, a smartphone, and even an iPod touch that I use on a very regular basis. At some stages during site development, it is completely normal for me to have all these devices, as well as some additional ones (like Xavier’s Chromebook), on my desk and working at the same time. This is my life. This is normal to me.

Then I go downstairs in our log house. Now my life is different.

Our heat for our house is this beautiful wood stove!
Our heat for our house is this beautiful wood stove!
Down here I tend the fire to keep the house warm. I look out our picture window at the woods that surround our home, I look at the two places where they dip lower as they meet with the creeks that are near enough to our house to see from inside, and I gaze off to the north at the closer of the two lakes. Sometimes I hike through these woods or swim in the lake. Sometimes I hunt or fish in them instead. When I do, I clean the catch and we eat it. This is my life. This is normal to me.

There aren’t a lot of people that live in both of the worlds I do. I’m okay with that. One life is always giving me a reprieve from the other. It’s healthy that way.





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  1. Greg Avatar

    there’s nothing quite as awesome as the smell of a wood burning fireplace 🙂

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